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About Western Canadian Properties Group​

Western Canadian Properties Group has over 25 years working with clients to acquire high-quality, brand-new, cash flowing investment properties in high-growth markets.  WCPG team handles most aspects in-house from identifying markets, evaluating feasibility to designing, building and selling investment properties.  WCPG management team has completed projects across North America.

Investment Highlights

Investors can participate in the purchase, development and sale of a 70-unit purpose built rental building located at 705 3rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC.

WCPG plans to start construction in the summer of 2024, and the total project timeline for development and sale is 30 months, with a forecasted annual return of 20% for investors.

  • De-risked development process: The project is approved by the City of North Vancouver 
  • Secured commercial tenant: There is a 10-year lease agreement with daycare operator
  • High rental demand: North Vancouver ranked as the 2nd most livable city in Canada.
  • Exit potential: Planned sale to institution.
  • Expedited timeline: Scheduled to start August 2024
  • CCDC contracts: Fixed price contracts for development and construction
  • Cost overruns: WCPG will incur additional interest costs on take-out financing

Track Record

WCPG’s proven ability to create value in private partnership projects exemplifies its strong investor returns and dedication to success.  The following represent the three most recent offerings to investors from WCPG’s private partnership projects:

WCPG’s excellence is recognized industry-wide, with over 20 awards, including: Get a good image for Georgie Awards and add to page

  • 2022 Canadian Green Building Award: Recognizes ground-breaking achievements in sustainable construction.
  • 2021 Passive House Award: Celebrates energy efficiency and green innovation.
  • Grand Georgie Award for Best Residential Community in BC: Underlines WCPG’s leadership in design excellence and community impact.

The WCPG Team

The success of WCPG is not just built on its projects but also on its incredible team, each member bringing a wealth of experience and unique expertise:

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Western Canadian Properties Group (WCPG) is commited to delivering high-quality residential and commercial projects across British Columbia and Alberta. Renowned for our dedication to excellence, timely deliveries, and budget adherence, their portfolio showcases a series of successful projects that underline our expertise and trustworthiness in real estate development.

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