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Cynthia Aasen is a Registered Dealing Representative for Integrated Equities Inc.

Integrated Equities Inc is an Exempt Market Dealer registered in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. 

Western Canadian Properties Group - West Harbour

Western Canadian Properties Group has over 25 years working with clients to acquire high-quality, brand-new, cash flowing investment properties in high-growth markets.  WCPG team handles most aspects in-house from identifying markets, evaluating feasibility to designing, building and selling investment properties.  WCPG management team has completed projects across North America.real estate funds that suit their specific goals.

Lankin Investments - 150 Hughson Street

Lankin, a leading Canadian Asset Manager, provides private capital investors with the internal infrastructure and expertise required to deploy their capital into real estate strategies successfully. Lankin has partnered with groups to create custom
real estate funds that suit their specific goals.

Greybrook Realty Partners

Greybrook is a leading Toronto-based private equity firm with a core focus on real estate development. We have invested equity in over 90 residential and commercial real estate projects with an aggregate gross development value exceeding $20 billion. We actively manage investments in collaboration with our top-tier developer partners on behalf of individual and institutional investors in 30+ countries globally.

West Urban Development

WestUrban Developments Ltd. is one of Western Canada’s leading property development companies. We specialize in large scale residential and commercial development projects that include neighbourhoods of detached homes, townhomes, condominiums and low rise apartment buildings. Through a diverse range of property development projects, we provide quality housing for homeowners wishing to purchase a new townhome or condominium, as well as a searchable network of modern, pet friendly condominiums.

Centurion Asset Management Inc.

Centurion Asset Management Inc. (“Centurion”) has become a leading asset management company that offers investors a growing portfolio of private investment products, corporate financing, mortgage financing, multi-residential apartments, and student housing communities.

New Haven Mortgage Income Fund

New Haven Mortgage Income Fund (1) Inc. now manages a diversified portfolio of residential mortgages and our experienced team manages all aspects of mortgage financing from loan origination and property due-diligence to funding and servicing. Our investors range from high net worth individuals, corporations, non-profit groups, and financial institutions.

Revesco Properties Trust

Revesco Properties is a focused, nimble and responsive boutique real estate investment, development, and management firm. We focus exclusively on well-located real estate assets in targeted U.S. and Canadian markets.

Revesco also knows the markets it invests in. Its U.S. headquarters in Denver, Colorado is proximate to its target markets in the southern United States. Being local and on the ground is a prerequisite for success. 


Nation Wide Self Storage

Nation Wide Self Storage provides a unique opportunity for investors wanting exposure to real estate without the headaches or downsides associated with residential or commercial real estate investments. Nation Wide Self Storage trust offerings are structured to provide investors with monthly income, long-term growth and asset appreciation through a portfolio of either standalone self storage properties or self storage properties with complementing car wash facilities. 

Western Wealth Capital

Western Wealth Capital is a real estate investment system that strives for excellence at every point, and with every person involved. From property selection to each detail of property improvement, maintenance, and management, WWC is changing the way it’s done. From employee satisfaction to tenant happiness to investor confidence, our uniquely multifaceted, people-first approach sets us apart. The WWC difference shows in everything we do – including our strong, consistent returns.

Investment Opportunities

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Why should you consider private real estate equity real estate?

  • Diversification: Including private equity real estate in a portfolio can help to diversify the overall investment mix, which can reduce the overall risk of the portfolio.
  • Potential for higher returns: Private equity has the potential to generate higher returns than traditional investments.
  • Inflation hedge: Real estate can act as a hedge against inflation as their value may increase with inflation.
  • Low correlation to stock market volatility: Private equity real estate is generally illiquid and has longer time horizon than publicly traded real estate investments. The lack of liquidity reduces the volatility.
  • Income stream: Some private equity real estate that generate cash flow, which can be a good source of additional income.

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Licensed as a professional real estate agent for 25+ years, Cynthia’s expertise is diverse – real estate syndication, development, multi-family value-add and strata ownership. Dually registered as Associate Broker with eXp Realty Canada Inc. and Dealing Representative with Integrated Equities Inc. she is able to offer investors access both public and private real estate investments in North America’s leading markets.

Cynthia and her team act as advisors helping you make informed decisions. Since 2015 they have raised over $100 million in limited partnership equity representing $400 million in real estate transactions since inception in 2015. In addition, they sold over 200 individually titled investor properties, offering “true” turn-key solution for active real estate investors – “You invest, we’ll do the rest”.

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